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We are here to help.

At Mission Raised, we help nonprofits find balance and create clarity.

We work with our partners to meet urgent funding needs

while planning boldly for the future.

We start by helping you answer three key questions...

And then we partner with you to get the work done.


Where are we?

We help you sort through the data to create a clear picture of your current performance,

the risks you face, and the opportunities you have.


How do we get there?

We help you develop actionable plans that are rooted in the realities of your budget and the demands on your staff. 


Where are we going?

We help you envision the future by aligning your goals with

your resources, establishing priorities, and forecasting performance.


Allow us to help.

We help you reach your destination by providing implementation support

every step of the way.

Our Services

We provide a number of flexible services designed to meet your needs.





Development Assessments

Infrastructure Review

Case Development

Campaign Strategy

Program Development

Annual and Multi-Year

Development Plans

Campaign Plans

Executive Coaching

Staff & Board Training

Interim Leadership

And More

When to work with us?

At Mission Raised, we partner with nonprofits

that want to grow their capacity for impact.


We are here to help when...

You feel ready to take your impact, and your fundraising, to the next level.

You’re embarking on a major campaign

to expand the resources that you have for your mission.

You don’t want a recent leadership transition

to affect your fundraising momentum.

You’ve lost a major funding source and you're concerned about your organization’s ability to sustain itself in the future.

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